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Salam Everyone
And thank you for your support…
After a rigorous discussion with my group… And with suggestions from a lot of friends, specially Dr Saeed… I have finally decided to convert my home schooling concept into an online home school.
With all the experience that we have had in these years of homeschooling our children, we are confident that we can now develop a system that will enable people to home school their children as well… I think it will take around six months to transfer all the concepts to the online system and it will necessarily be a non profit venture so that every one can afford to reap the benefits of homeschooling…
Please share your ideas and stay in touch to know the latest updates that i will be posting on my blog… And if you don’t know about the background why i started homeschooling my children you can check the Post

Farrukh Hassan



  1. Why you are not updating this blog? How to know about your progress in home schooling?

    Comment by Big Man — 02/07/2012 @ 5:34 PM

  2. It indeed is concerning that Farrukh has neither responded to emails nor updated his blog. May Allah keep him and his family safe. If there is any information on him please respond on this blog.

    Comment by Saeed Khan — 17/07/2012 @ 12:16 AM

  3. Assalam-o-Alaikum!
    Please give my your contact number asap.
    Jawad Abdul Mateen

    Comment by Jawad Abdul Mateen — 27/09/2012 @ 12:34 AM

  4. I guess we need to start new projects on such concepts so that our country gets progress in new eras of education!

    Comment by Study Abroad — 19/01/2013 @ 1:47 PM

  5. Sir,
    Wish you best of luck

    Comment by Dr. Atif Ali — 24/09/2013 @ 6:44 PM

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