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The second issue ‘unemployment’ and its solutions!

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The summary of the report in Urdu is on the link at the bottom… but if possible read the whole report as it is more detailed and explaining

The Unemployment Urdu Summary

The Unemployment Report English



  1. Sir jee what about bhatta khorri, gang war and a morally-challenged populace that is tightening the noose around the economy. Sorry to say, your report is just an intellectual bookish exercise with no grounding in reality. We’ve got a severely dysfunctional government, state and public. Don’t you see the bloody game political parties are playing in Karachi and the way privatized KESC is being harassed by politically-backed union gangsters. Why the youth would want to open any business in such an atmosphere?

    Time for such bookish commentary is long gone. If you want to do something positive, be real. Or just leave this hopelessly messy place while you still can.

    Comment by Tahir — 31/08/2011 @ 12:06 AM

  2. Sorry for the bitter tone of the last comment.
    Eid Mubarak

    Comment by Tahir — 31/08/2011 @ 12:59 AM

  3. My dear Tahir
    Thank you for your valued comment.
    First of all let me acknowledge that ‘the core problem with Pakistan is bad governance and corruption’

    I am a humble student of history, and i have seen that in past, people who wanted to change the world were given power. but then when they came into power they had no clues how to tackle the problems facing the nation.

    so my dear i have written this in the preamble of this report,
    “yeh report bananay ki zaroorat kion paish aai. Is ka jawab yeh hay key main yeh chahta hoon kay apna farz ada kerta rahoon, mujhey hay hukm e azan kay musdaq kam az kam main pakistani hukumat aur awam ko is baat say aagaah kerta rahoon kay humaray tamaam masail ka hal mojood hay. bas zara si himmat lagan aur naik niyati ki zaroorat hay. …………….Yeh hal tajweez kernay ki aik wajah yeh bhi hay kay agar kal ko koi waqei is qoom ka muqaddar badalnay ka irada lay ker khara ho to us kay samnay wo wazeh hikmat e amli bhi ho jo humain kamyabi ki raah per gamzen ker sakay”…………………………

    secondly you say there is no ground reality in the report… well i have tried to establish all the points with reference to current Pakistani data and i have quoted the references. even then if you say that there is no ground reality in the report then its your choice…

    my dear it seems that we are being told that there is no solution to our problems, while i can see that there are straight forward solutions that can help us but they are not being applied, so i find it my responsibility to tell others that yes there are solutions only if there is good intentions for implementation.

    Lastly, My dear. you said that ‘Time for such bookish commentary is long gone’

    Then tell me what should we do…just give me solid positive steps that we as individuals should take… not a generalized statement that ‘be real’. if you cant find the answer you may read my article ‘haq wazeh hay’

    see this is what i am after… this is called learned helplessness…
    when we start believing that every thing is hopelessly messy and the only way is to get out.
    that is why i am trying to show that things can still be improved

    My dear i am still very thankful for your comment… it shows that you care.. and i highly respect that.

    Thanking you
    Farrukh Hassan

    Comment by Farrukh Hassan — 04/09/2011 @ 2:08 AM

  4. Sorry sir, I agree that my comment was poorly written and offered neither a solid critique neither alternative ideas. It was more of an emotional outburst than a well-thought comment. I just happen to land on this page at wrong moment :). I do have something to say, and it might be different from your ideas, but I must find time to write it coherently. Thanks for your reply.

    Comment by Tahir — 06/09/2011 @ 7:39 PM

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