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The first issue and its solution

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Can we Make a Difference?



  1. Hello,

    How will you ensure that your child’s education is counted for and no professional colleges/universities don’t reject them because they don’t posses recognized degrees? Because we need to be realistic our children will have to earn livelihoods too, beside having a character which is important no doubt.

    Secondly going to school is much more important too, it helps them interact with other people who are strangers and give them confidence in life that is needed while growing up. I don’t disapprove of the idea of having home-schooling but I can’t rule out the importance of going to school as a child no matter how many reforms our schools need.

    There are good schools too in our country, it is not like every single school is bad, but I do understand not everyone may not be able send their children there. So for them home-schooling may be a good choice provided the issues I just mentioned above are tackled in a way that doesn’t compromise the building of interpersonal skills.


    Comment by Khurram Khan — 22/02/2011 @ 8:29 AM

    • dear khurram
      thank you for your response…
      as i said in my article the best would be that govt corrects the system… but till than i have done what i thought i should do for my children
      well i have been teaching students of A and O levels for 10 years now… alot of my students dont register through school rather they register privately… most of them got admission in any university they applied in Pakistan as well as abroad. some of my students who did their o and a levels privately are studying in UK for higher studies some of them are doing their chartered accountancy through ICAP some are in IBA etc
      so yes i have considered the issue that how would they be able to get admission in good universities.

      about your second valued question. (once again thank you for putting this question as it is these opinions that have helped me improve the system i have developed)… well yes some schools are good… but most are not… and no school is giving what we are able to give to our children: personal care and attention and different subject streams that the child can adapt regarding their aptitude towards that subject.

      And now about the issue of having lots of children around. hmm it is considered that if there are alot of children around your child then the child will be able to interact with strangers and become bolder…. one thing is that after a few months all class fellows become friends hence they dont get the practice of interacting with strangers. secondly do u see that not all students in the school are bold… why is that … which student become bold and which remain shy… well i have taught at all levels from kindergarten to MBA 🙂 and i think i can answer that with some authority. what i have noticed is that even in school the child who is more confident is not because of school but because of the encouragement that the parents give them. so it comes back to parents again…

      and yes the child does need to interact with alot of people to open his or her mind and horizon… for that what i am doing is that i take them to different gatherings both religious and family gatherings and they interact with alot of different people and children on regular basis.i am planning to take my children for camping as well as for visits to rural areas .. and from class 6 onwards i have plans to get them join some local sports teams as well and yes still they are a bit shyer then other children … but i think this is a natural child behavior.. i think nowadays we force too much boldness upon children which takes away their natural shyness, which is very important to give them time to analyze new things that they are facing. again we shouldnt think about making them professionals right from class 1. let them have a few breaths of ease and let them be children for a while.

      i m monitoring my children very carefully to see if there is any lacking in them when compared to school going children … and i find none.. there are school going children all around us so its easy to compare… my children never use bad language, and they are very cultured both because they spend alot of time interacting with their parents.

      i am telling you all this so that it becomes clear to you that i have looked into most of the issues and am well prepared for the development of my children…
      thank you once again for your valued comment i hope if you see any other flaw you will certainly let me know.. i m open for discussion.

      thank you.
      Farrukh Hassan

      Comment by Farrukh Hassan — 23/02/2011 @ 7:41 AM

  2. Dear Furukh Bhai,
    Your Plan looks like Practical and it is true that the present education system is producing the Goofs not the researchers or thinkers. I sincerely recommend you to open a school system for this Plan so that other peoples may also involve in this plan. Please make some board to govern the system so that if any member die or not available then the system should go through. You have to set some example with one school where your ideas, Plans implemented. The mothers of 8 families may teach there. Please spread this plan and give chance to the Poor People not only for your childerns. I am sure you will get more and feel achievement if some poor and needy child get education in the same way as your child did.
    I have conveyed my message & feelings and I know you will think positively.

    Comment by Muhammad Shajai Saleem — 24/02/2011 @ 5:20 AM

  3. Dear Mr. Farrukh Sb.

    We are thankful and obliged for your contribution for the same.

    1…..In this world……….Every one has a “Candle light” in ones deep heart/mind…………..

    Let us keep combining………….

    One day it will lighten our whole society/world………………

    Hope every one keep touch and keep sharing.

    Comment by Muhammad Sohail Ahmad — 25/02/2011 @ 9:14 AM

  4. some responses that i received on email

    Great Sir,
    Proud to be your student.

    Jahan-i- taza ki afkaar-i- taza sey hain namood
    keh sang o khesht sey hotay nahein jahan paida


    Dear Farrukh Sb,
    I am already a great fan of yours teaching and communication skills and after reading this article, your points are being getting improved.

    I will try to follow your advise which seems to me pretty adjacent and practical.

    From one of your student
    M. Shah Rukh Raheem

    Salaam Bhayoon or Bahnoon

    Being and educator myself, I would like to provide my simple straightforward comments on this subject:

    1- I am in support of Mr. Farrukh Hasan for his target to educate peoples of Pakistan.

    2- Your comments on “Parhay Likhay Jahil” is interesting. You make me laugh. However I would like to point one of the TOP person in this category is or was the Chairman of HEC (Higher Education Commission). Once he ordered all those completed doctorate to go through 6 month English course in order to recognised their Ph.D. degree. What an idiotic person is he?

    For his kind information, over 80% of the scientists in this world holding doctorate know a single word of English. A knowledge of English or any other language like Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, Russian is excellent, but should not attached to someone’s academic qualification. So, if I were you, first I will fix these “Kala-Angraiz” peoples, who are producing “Ghulams” (Slaves) of Angraiz Dajjal rather an independent nation.

    3- We do not need to follow “O” or “A” level criminal British system. We should have our own education system that should compete internationally. Do you know, every years, there are international competition in Math, Science and some other subjects and who wins most of the time and who are at the bottom? Taiwan, Japan, India competing on top 10. On the other hand, top ten bottom includes US, UK and some other third world countries AND we follow “O” and “A” level. Sobhan Allah.

    Bottom line is, several years ago I tried to introduced international education system in Pakistan, but our peoples are love to be robbed by schools which attach their names with some “Saint” — so many saint, you won’t find anywhere in this world.

    I came to this conclusion, it’s impossible to educate our peoples. This is the reason, most of the peoples with wisdom move out of Pakistan, no mater even to Bangladesh or India.

    Was Salaam
    R. Syed

    thank u all for ur support..

    i would like to add one thing
    the syllabus that i am teaching my children is not adopted from Cambridge or any other foreign institute. what i have done is that i have gone through alot of international syllabi and learned what a child should learn at which stage and what are different international standards for that … after that i have devised my own syllabus.. and then searched for books that would support the contents i want to teach… if the contents were lacking in the books… i have added them myself.. so now after going through the syllabus that i have prepared, my children inshaAllah will be able to clear any exam.. either O and A level or Metric or Intermediate… as the set of knowledge and application that they possess covers all topics that are taught anywhere in the world.

    initially i am educating my children as i m testing this system rigorously… in the next phase i will open this system for general public … free of cost specially for the poor community.

    thanking you all once again for your time
    i am open to any suggestion ..
    Farrukh Hassan

    Comment by Farrukh hassan — 25/02/2011 @ 6:07 PM

  5. I am really impressed. It will be pleasure for me if I could join your creative work. I was really worried about education of my children. I can not afford good school for them. You gave me a new way to think about it.
    Please let me know about material you prepared.
    once again thank u very much

    Comment by Kamran — 02/03/2011 @ 8:23 AM

  6. Dear Farrukh,

    Great work, and may Allah help you to keep it up!

    My son is about an year old, and certainly has some time before he goes to school … or not.

    Can you share the syllabi you are teaching your children, and how to go about setting up home schooling?

    I must insist that you pay due attention to this extremely important work that you’re doing, and set up a separate section, or dedicate some articles to how parents can adopt your approach; alternatively, if i’d like to adopt this system for my kids, how do i start?

    All talk & no action is seldom useful, so i suggest we set up a weekly forum/meetings for like-minded individuals, and start doing things in a group for the sake of Allah (SWT), instead of managing things individually.

    Please do reply with your thoughts on the matter.

    Comment by Saeed Mazhar — 03/03/2011 @ 7:47 AM

    • dear saeed mazhar…
      thank you for your response
      Actually i am working full time on making a soft copy of the
      material… It is taking some effort, thats why i was not able to
      respond promptly… I m sorry for that…
      I am already considering ur proposal for setting up a different page
      for home schooling… I will do that as soon as all the material is in
      soft form… It may take two more weeks…

      And regarding what u said about sitting togather… Well i m also
      considering that… InshaAllah i will let u know i two weeks time… I
      hope that will not be very late…. As the first thing that i want to
      do is upload all the material i have prepared…

      I hope you will understand the delay in my response…

      Open and eager for any further comment.

      Comment by Farrukh Hassan — 09/03/2011 @ 7:27 AM

  7. Well i agree to what you’ve written, schooling is now rather a business than any other thing. Teachers are least concerned with any of their students and all they want is money.
    Our Madrasa system is the best in the world, the teachers teach everything and with minimal fee.

    On the other hand the starting of your reality article was fantastic but its not just schooling that is the root cause of what has happened to our nation.

    The kufaar’s have worked so hard on destroying us !!! and well they’ve succeed but never the less the nation is still alive and kicking 🙂 by the grace of all mighty ALLAH.

    We still have good people among us and they are trying hard to solve issues.

    People are resistant to change and well many wont resist to adopt this thing because the problem with people adopting this is ….
    People aren’t literate enough to educate their off springs :(, bad it is.

    I am not arguing at anything you’ve written but you’ve ignored the basic and core problems that are glued to our nation.
    We people are muslims but don’t know anything about Islam.

    All our success is with islam without it we nothing ….

    ALLAH always reward the ones who are hard working irrespective of religion and well we MUSLIMS were hard working once and everything was so good but now just see what has happened to our nation.

    We go to jobs and just wait for the time we can leave office, we don’t enjoy work neither we fear about consequences of what awaits us on judgement day of our such behaviour.

    We need to bring islam back in our lives and see the change.

    Schooling is just one of many things that has caused all the misery. !!!!!!!

    anyways its good to see people like you who care !

    Assalam o alaikum

    Comment by Thinker !! — 06/03/2011 @ 5:37 PM

    • Dear Adeel Sb
      Thank you for your valued response
      i would like to add a few things here
      you are right, schooling is not the only root cause… its our behaviour and distance from our ideology ie. Islam… i have mentioned this in my first article ‘Haq Wazeh Hay’ … plz read that … i have again mentioned it in the second article ‘can we make a difference’ ….
      after writing these two articles i wanted to pin point some core issues of our nation and offer solutions so that we may get out of the state of absolute pessimism and start bringing the change… i lot of people want to bring a change but they don’t know how to … for that i am writing this chain of articles… i want our nation to stop saying that ‘things cant get better’… rather start working on making things better starting in their individual capacity
      the list of issues that i will be addressing initially is as follows.
      1. educational issues
      2. Unemployment
      3. Inflation
      4. Police
      5. energy crisis
      6. not finalized yet…………………………..

      for all the issues i am trying to find and elaborate solutions for government as well as individuals. so that whoever wants to start working on the betterment of the nation they could.

      thanking you once again for your comment

      Farrukh Hassan

      Comment by Farrukh Hassan — 09/03/2011 @ 8:02 AM

    • Assalamu Alaikum,
      First of all, Br. Farrukh, great article.
      The core problems will be solved once we start producing good citizens/kids by providing them with some thoughtful and beneficial education. Schools for sure are not doing that. Therefore, we, as parents, need to step up and change the next generation by instilling these values in our children. So our children can be the leaders after being equipped with skills and knowledge that is essential for best leaders.
      We need to instill that love for learning which most, if not all, children lack while attending schools. They are scared to go to school if homework is not done, they’re anxious if a test is coming up, etc. Therefore, learning becomes a necessity for them, something they do not look forward to. Let’s make learning for them and see the difference in their behavior and acts.

      More to come inshaAllah.

      Comment by aneela — 14/03/2011 @ 7:35 PM

  8. Assalamu Alaykum, There is encouragement and hope in this article. Brothers and sisters who are keen to learn about home-schooling: There is a growing, active community of homeschoolers in Pakistan, many in Karachi, and some in Punjab. There’s a yahoogroup you can join http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pakistan-home-education/
    They recently launched a quarterly publication HOMEWORKS, which you can obtain thru this address: editor.homeworks@gmail.com. Their upcoming website is http://www.homeworks.com.pk/They care a lot about Deen, Alhamdulillah. So it is best if the Muslim homeschoolers in Pakistan work together since they have many common goals and values.
    For sisters, it would be helpful if you attend one of the weekly or fortnightly homeschooling events in Karachi (contact yahoogroup for details). You can meet the homeschooling families one-on-one, and share your questions and concerns.
    Our family discovered homeschooling some 7 years ago. Our children have not been to school. We find homeschooling very beneficial, from the Islamic, academic, social, family, and financial perspectives. One of the biggest adavantages is flexibility. You can customize the education to suit your family, with the aim of pleasing Allah (swt). So there are as many ways to homeschool, as there are families, and no single best or right way. You can follow a structured approach or an unstructured approach. You can make changes if something doesn’t work. I have also learnt beneficial things from http://www.naturalchild.org (check out the Learning section) and the Islamic website http://www.islamichomeeducation.co.uk/

    Comment by Umm Musa — 12/03/2011 @ 7:25 AM

    • Dear Sister
      Jazakallah for sharing
      it gives us encouragement

      Comment by Farrukh Hassan — 12/03/2011 @ 7:40 AM

  9. Homeschooling is very common in the United States and it is becoming increasingly popular among the American Muslims. I have found one thing commmon among all the Muslims who I know homeschool here. When starting to homeschool, they all referred to the following book: The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home by Susan & Jessie Wise.

    Hopefully this book is also helpful for others.

    Comment by Aneela — 22/03/2011 @ 9:26 PM

  10. Assalamu Alaykum

    People interested in homeschooling can read the first Issue of HOMEWROKS magazine on the link below. It is launched by the homeschooling community in Pakistan. The 2nd issue is also out, and avaialble in these stores of Karachi: Dawah Books, Khadda market, Almasood, Metro shoping centre, clifton; PAk MEdico. Its abvialabel in Darussalam, Isb. It is not online.

    Comment by Umm Musa — 10/06/2011 @ 2:18 PM

  11. “SHAHRAH E TAALEEM” is a monthly Urdu magazine dedicated to Education. If the above and other such Urdu articles are sent to this magazine, a large number of people can become aware of the homeschooling option. People should get to know the alternative routes of education, since, most believe that school is the ONLY option, even when it is not working out for them.

    Comment by Umm Musa — 14/07/2011 @ 8:35 PM

  12. Janab Farrukh Sahib,
    It was indeed a pleasure to read your article as well as other posts. Home schooling is a very workable idea and immediate solution to many of the issues children today face – esp a dumbing environment in the school. In this regard two books by John Taylor Gatto (recipient of New York Best Teacher Award and a teacher for over 30-years) are worth reading: ‘Dumbing us down’ and ‘Weapons of Mass Instruction’. Moreover, the current Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) – the top scientific body in USA, Dr. Francis S. Collins, was a home schooled child. He also was head of the Human Genome Project. (His book ‘Language of God’ is also worth reading).

    We have been home schooling our children in Little Rock, USA and within 2 months of pulling them out of the school and home schooling we noticed an astonishing improvement in their academic progress. My children are registered at the Arkansas Virtual Academy (ARVA) and just today my second daughter scored 119 / 40 (yes 119/40 – they alow you to score what ever while the pass rate is based on the median expected score based on cumulative results from all school going children in UA) on her exam – she is way ahead of the standard school going child. At the year end they provide a report with your child’s score and percentile rank in each subject as well as the median percentiles of all school going children so you can monitor the progress of your child. Through ARVA my children have visits to the museum, Governor’s house, plays, arts projects and parks arranged and all the ARVA children can meet and interact together. We had also enrolled our children in the Gym and swimming classes and now they will be going for ice skating. We also have a very nice muslim community here and our children are regarded as some of the best behaved, Alhamdolillah.

    Developing a home schooling virtual (computer) network will be a useful development and then even children from various cities can interact perhaps once a year or so. It will also help develop an academic rating scale. Private O and A levels is very good immediate solution.

    The issue with home schooling in our experience is the amount of effort it takes on part of the mother. It cannot be underestimated. I try and help my wife but it is nothing compared to what she has to put in. After our fourth daughter we have hired a teacher to come and teach some of the subjects daily (Maths, Urdu, Quran (she is a scholar) and Science). Previously my wife was teaching all these subjects and others prescribed by ARVA – History, English, Arts etc.

    The load decreases if there are more home schooling familes as in your case and then it is truly amazing.

    PS: I am Physician (Internal Medicine and Rheumatology) working in an academic institution in US and have been educated from St. Patrick’s High School in Karachi and then Aga Khan University – Medical College, Karachi. I have been lucky to have had some of the best teachers during my early schooling in particular and could not even think of home schooling my children initially. However I am very comfortable I have made a responsible choice and am satisfied that I am giving them the best I could.

    Comment by Saeed Khan — 04/01/2012 @ 5:54 AM

    • janab saeed sahab
      w salam
      very nice observations and comments…
      i am blessed with some friends who are also home schooling their children after my appeal..
      now all the mothers help each other.. and its alot easier. your suggestion to take it online is also very valid and practical .. given my resources i am working on it.. my main objective is to get through the learning curve of home schooling and develop workable solutions.. as soon as i m through that phase (i think it would take 6 more months) i will try and develop an online solution for all parents any where in the world to enrol their children for free.. inshaAllah
      once again jazakallah for your comments

      Comment by Farrukh Hassan — 04/01/2012 @ 11:54 AM

  13. […] Filed under: Children, Education, Home Schooling, Online Free Education, Social Revolution — Farrukh Hassan @ 4:47 PM Salam Everyone And thank you for your support… After a rigorous discussion with my group… And with suggestions from a lot of friends, specially Dr Saeed… I have finally decided to convert my home schooling concept into an online home school. With all the experience that we have had in these years of homeschooling our children, we are confident that we can now develop a system that will enable people to home school their children as well… I think it will take around six months to transfer all the concepts to the online system and it will necessarily be a non profit venture so that every one can afford to reap the benefits of homeschooling… Please share your ideas and stay in touch to know the latest updates that i will be posting on my blog… And if you don’t know about the background why i started homeschooling my children you can check the Post https://farrukhhassan.wordpress.com/2011/02/08/the-first-issue-and-its-solution/ […]

    Pingback by Farrukh Hassan's Blog — 22/01/2012 @ 4:47 PM

  14. Sir i had a detailed review of your blog and your writings too,,,

    I m really very impressed, that’s really an ultimate effort, as far as your have posted,
    thats really a practical idea, any thing i can do at this plateform
    it would be great pleasure for me to participate.

    I hold sound credentials with professional degree in education in my credit and alot of managerial skills.

    Any thing i can do in this regard,, do share with me


    Muhammad Hammad Manzoor

    Email: explorationist@gmail.com
    Linkedin: http://th.linkedin.com/pub/muhammad-hammad-manzoor/12/709/8a3
    Skype: explorationist3

    Comment by M. Hammad Manzoor — 22/01/2012 @ 8:43 PM

    • dear Manzoor
      i would be more than glad if u would help me by making more people aware…
      any material on my blog is free for everyone to use and forward.
      i will inshaAllah be letting u know about my plans and how would i be doing things to improve the world around us. and what you can do to help me… ur help is very much welcomed…


      Comment by Farrukh Hassan — 23/01/2012 @ 1:22 AM

  15. Please can you upload a printer friendly version of this very useful article of yours?

    Comment by SSk — 28/02/2012 @ 5:36 PM

  16. Thank you Farrukh bhai for your contribution!! You just saved my lot of time as i was about to start designing a curriculum for home schooling but u already created a great one!! I am going to start home schooling of my daughter from next year and your resources really helped me in planning my steps for my child’s education!! Thanks for your contributions!!

    Comment by Iftikhar Alam — 25/06/2012 @ 6:35 PM

    • Hi Iftikhar Sahab, were you able to design a curriculum that would help us raise our children like Iqbal ka Shaheen?

      Comment by Mrs. Abid — 06/01/2017 @ 4:58 AM

  17. I have been homeschooling my two children for the past 9 years in Islamabad. My journey is on rrahmad.wordpress.com

    Comment by rafiaa39gmailcom — 11/04/2016 @ 9:44 PM

  18. Reblogged this on Rafia under the Mountain.

    Comment by rafiaa39gmailcom — 11/04/2016 @ 9:47 PM

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