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Responses to Haq Wazeh Hai!

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These are the various responses that I’ve been getting on Haq Wazeh Hai!.

Farrukh Bhai,

An excellent and eye opening article I must say. Your pain and agony could only be understood by someone who has been through such an incident. Though it has rendered me speechless, however, I have conjured up the strength to write a few lines to you.

Where we are today, is only because of what we are today. As an individual I too, often tell my friends and relatives to handover whatever the bandit asks for in such a situation. The courage to stand up to these people as done by Bhai Abdul Ahad is a rarity nowadays and deserves recognition at the least. Individually and collectively as a nation, our subconscious has surrendered to whatever evil is going on around us and we feel satisfied at the fact “k kchalo maal gaya, jaan tou bachi” or “jaan ka sadqa maal hai”. You are 100 percent right in saying that time for our death has been fixed by Allah Almighty and it cannot be changed no matter what. But the fear of having been shot at, killed or wounded surpasses all thoughts and forces us to perform hideous acts of cowardice.

Though I am a qualified chartered accountant by profession and have had quite a few offers from abroad but have never accepted those because of one thought – all those people – the Mohajrins, people who have sacrificed their lives for creation of this homeland of ours, all those soldiers who have fought bravely and are doing so till today and all other innocent people who have laid their lives for this country and have fought valiantly, have they done all this for us to reap the benefits of a homeland and leave it for good when the time to return the favor has come. I find myself eternally indebted to all these people for their sacrifice and courage to leave this country and go elsewhere.

I strongly feel that this nation needs people like Bhai Abdul Ahad who have enough courage to stand up to evil and lay their lives if need be.

By reading your column, I have re-asserted the commitment to myself and to Allah Suhanawata’la that I will stand up to bad no matter what and will fight for good till the last drop of my blood come what may.

I sincerely hope and have prayed to the Almighty to grant people like you and me the strength and courage that a true Momin should have. Please rest assured that you are not alone in your struggle and I will always be here for your support in this path with all the strength I could muster as our nation and religion need people like you.

Let me conclude this email by quoting this heart warming para from a speech by Theodore Roosevelt;

“….It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who, at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.”


Ali Ashraf

Farrukh sb,
May Allah bless you and your family with the strength to cope with this loss, and may you brother receive the highest place in jannah!
Kind regards,
Samuel Goldwyn – “I’m willing to admit that I may not always be right, but I am never wrong.”


Dear Farrukh,

My name is Imran Zaheer, I am an IT professional, live n work in Dubai, I ‘ve just read your article, and it really touched me. I am extending all my support in terms of finance or in terms of spreading the information.

I am going to spread this article and share the knowledge with my friends n family, besides I am almost already aligned with your thoughts regards robbers. Pls do let me know if I can contribute by any means.

Imran Zaheer

Muhammad Talib Rafiq
We need these constructive efforts to regain our solidarity and honor as muslims and pakistanis. Allah hum sub ko naik hidayat or seedah raasta naseeb kare. Aameen.

Dear brother Farrukh,

Hope you will find this e-mail in the best of your health. I just read your article and could not help writing you. I really honor your feelings and salute to your martyr brother. Before a couple of years my young brother was also died in the same incident of mobile snatching… He was a student of BBA part I. anyways… May Allah bless us all and help you to succeed in your missions. amen.

I am with you. inshaAllah.

Kind Regards,

Very sorry to read about your brother’s death. May Allah bless him with the best in Heaven, and may he give sabr to you and all those who knew and loved him. Aameen.


This is all true, we are really facing the said problem in our personal life. It’s really time to think and rectify ourselves.
God bless all of us and gives strength to be on the right path – COME WHAT MAY !!!

Thank man for such a nice message.



Dear Mr. Farrukh Hassan!

First I’d like to show my condolences to you and your family for this valuable loss which is irrecoverable for life time.

But even more I have no doubt to say that, your brother was such a brave man and had visioned life for that he also shine him self in this sin full world and got his destiny achieved.

May Allah SubhanhuTalla, shower blessings and grant your brother better place in Heaven.

This is one of the eye opening moments of my life, in fact today i confess that I also think like those cowardly people once my mobile were snatched and I was at mercy of a lotter.

But today I commit my self to the way you chosen and would like to offer my services for movements and awareness programs you’d like to initiate.

I also think and it is really needed at these times that some of us should do something to get unite people together to make our lives meaning full.

Best Regards!

Zeeshan Ali

Assalam u elaikum,

Its really very sad to hear about your brother, but one must be proud that we have still have this kind of great and brave person who can stand with Haq.

Apkay bhai ko Allah(SWT) Buland Darja Ata farmaye aur apnay khas bandon main shumar farmaye .. Ameen

Again I must say, your family must be proud of this Great Shaheed.


Farrukh sb
Baat tulkh hai laikin haqeeqat hai – Islam aur deen ka sahee faham utth chuka hai.
Allah aap ka hamee o nasir ho.
Hesham A Syed

Dear Farrukh bhai…

mai ap k is jazbe ko Salam kartha hon.. or Inshaallah ap k is mission ka hisa banu ga. or ap k sath shana bshana kara rahon ga.

Rahim Saeed Khan Afridi

Dear Farrukh:

I am very saddened to read about the tragic accident of your brother. He is Inshallah in Jannah as a martyr and in a better place. I hope and pray that Allah SWT gives peace and strength to your family and especially your parents for this loss.

Such occurances of people being robbed at gunpoint are very common today and it is sad how we are helpless. Other than that the whole country is in the grip of terror these days and we can only hope and pray that the situation improves soon and we can see a day where there is law and order and peace and no young man has to lose his life at the hands of armed gangsters.

Kind Regards

My Dear Farrukh,

Excellent, brother keep up this spirit, I am with you. Yes, I do raise my voice against any injustice wether done to me or to anyone else.

Reawakening, that is what we need. Our state is pathetic. Let there be light, and let there be torch bearers…..before it gets pitch dark.

May Allah bless you with more strength and courage (Amen).

I. A. Khan

Assalam o Alaikum brother i read ur whole story and my heart filled up with sorrow and my eyes full of tears .. Allah SWT will place ur brother among the great as he followed the right path showed by Rasool Allah PBUH .. its not our leaders who are tyrant its the people as well who don’t stand up for the justice and worship money .. may Allah bless our country from all evils as well enlighten the hearts of the people .. we are living no ware if it still remains the same then we might tolerate it but this earth won’t resulting in Allah’s Azaab ..
My deepest condolence with u n ur family and im proud of ur brother who stand against the moral evils of our society ..

Allah Hafiz

We are with you Farrukh and offcourse also, yr’s Saheed brother.



I just wish and hope you and your family are trying to cope up with the loss, It is truly sad to know, but I feel proud of your brother,
he was a brave man, he gave his last breath fighting with evil, May Allah Ta’ala grants him the Janna and make his shahdat fruitful to open
eyes of our coward and insensitive people,
Just read the email forwarded by of my friends. I have tears in my eyes, Allah Ta’ala does not let the pure peopl like your brother to stay
longer in this world full of evils, My heartly congratulations to you for being a brother of Martyr, you will see him happy and content there
in after life, the real life, he wont be embarrassed to meet Allah,
Allah bless you and your family

my deepest sorrow to lose another gem from my beloved and unlucky country


Dr.F Bhatti

I am with you.


Muhammad Sohail Ahmad
Assistant Manager

I will also with you. Keep it up and keep in mind Allah is with us.

Best Regards

Rashid Chandna

Dear Farrukh,

Read your article on following website, is it available somewhere else, as I am really impressed by your point of view, eye opener. I would like to share with my friends and family, but pakistaniscandils, doesn’t seem a appropriate link to share. Is it also available on any other website ?

May Allah rest your brother’s soul in peace and give him a place in paradise, aameen!


November 17,2009 04:55:24
I am realy impress & feel guilty as part of our society. We need to Build this courage motivation among us. Its the only way of our Survival. May Allah give us the Courge (ameen)

aoa abhi sham ko khbar suni k SAWAT k log wapas apnay gharon ko chalay gai ,dil itna khush tha k koi tu achi khaber PK se mutaliq suni ,lekin faraz tumhara mail dekh kar aur Farrukh k bhai k baray main parh kar samajh mai nahin aaya k mera us se kya rishta tha jo ………….alfaz hi nahin hain meray paas ,kis qader khush naseeb bacha hai ,aur walden bhi ,Allah (SWT)os ki is qurbani ko qbool karay aur……….waldain ko sabar aur dono jahanon mai surkhrooi ata farmai(Aameen) kindly say my regards to his mom


Dear Farrukh

First accept my deepest condlonce for said incident.May Allah rest Abdul Ahad in Janet-ul-Firdos and bless him with his countless blessing.
Yes you have rightly mentioned that “every one has to go” and Ahad had choosed the right and daring path. What I beleive that one of the reson of this worst situation is our ignorence with the true Islamic knowledge. Most of us are muslim just we born in muslim society/ family we never tried to explore Islam as complete framework of life. We are limited to Ibadat only forgetting about Haqul-ul-Ibad.
I appreciate your inintiative. May Allah bless us the right path.

Muhammad Moosa

Forwarded from other blogs…
1.Shoaib Muhammad Khan on November 14th, 2009 :

Shab Gurezan hogi Akhir Jalwa-e-khursheed say
Ye Chaman mamoor hoga Naghma-e-tauheed say

2.nazia on November 14th, 2009 :

The lost of daring life is one of tragic event and it cant be replaced by any mobile phone or with life of a thief.
It is very sad that such courageous a soul died in the hands of law breakers as replacement of such people are very difficult and their bereaved family would never recover from such shock in remaining life .
So it is not happened in Karachi only but all metropolitan grand cities of the world comes in such low level of personal security due to unacceptable street crimes any time any day.
There the major difference between our side and other countries is response of law enforcing agencies and emergency medial services which are very prompt so citizens of such countries who can trust on their backup aids can think of wrangling these amateur culprit.
In our situation of lawlessness we should avoid such one to one fight as attacker is usually professional, aggressive and comparatively mentally alert in his actions which he is doing on daily basis as compare to victim who hardly faces and reacts to such counter situation once or twice in life time.
We should be careful and attentive to such assailants before coming to streets and tried to locate them with other watching techniques rather than responsive attacks which would ultimately bring irreparable loss in somebody’s life.

3.Muhammad Ali on November 16th, 2009 :

main yeh parh k ghumgeen hogya hoon…. but yaad rakhain qanoon sirf allah ha hy… agar koi qanoon aap ko kisi islamic kaam sy roky to sirf islam ko hi follow karain…allah pakistan mei complete islami nizam laye… we love pakistan we should work….

4.!mran on November 27th, 2009 :

I don’t know whether I should pay my condolence to Mr. Farrukh on losing a brother like Abdul Ahad or pay homage to him because the world today needs people like his brother. In a world where everyone only thinks about himself and for the immediate associations, a man if cries on the wounds of others in the society then it has to be considered as a blessing. And the existence of people like Mr. Farrukh, who took the right inspiration from the incident, is a sign of a social reform.

It now all depends what wrong activities one identifies in the society and then what approach is followed to rectify the issues. These two things formulate an ideology. And then there is a war of ideologies. People struggling for the peace in the society destroy it themselves by fighting over the ideologies with other people. They forget that the fixing of the issue was a priority rather than the way one adapts to resolve it. Then not everyone identifies the root causes of the evils in the society. They normally visit the doctor again and again for the cure of the wounds in their feet instead of getting the nail out of their shoe. They normally try to fix the files infected by the virus instead of the virus itself. There may be cases where a thief was compelled to steal others because someone else had stolen something from him as well. Probably someone else had stolen his chappal from the mosque and he had to steal someone else’s to recover his lost.

Theft is the only sin. I remember some lines from a novel and would like to share it here.

“There is only one sin, only one. And that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft… When you kill a man, you steal a life. You steal his wife’s right to a husband, rob his children of a father. When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness….”

There are “thieves” everywhere in our society, some steal directly and some do not let you know what you handover to them from your life. Let’s identify those big fish, those gods in the society to understand the real meanings of “La-Ilaha-Ill-Allah” that there are no gods other than GOD and we do not surrender ourself to any other god other than GOD.



November 17,2009 04:55:24
I am realy impress & feel guilty as part of our society. We need to Build this courage motivation among us. Its the only way of our Survival. May Allah give us the Courge (ameen)

November 19,2009 01:06:34
May ALLAH accept the Farrukh’s brother’s sacrifice and grant him jannah(ameen). Currently there are few non-political and revolutionary organisations which are working to implement Islamic constitution in pakistan.where they are lacking in is "Committed people".i think each one of us should have a look at them and join one of them which is most nearest to what he believes shall bring the change. there is also a hadees which says , a muslim who dies without a bait died in "nifaq". few organisation which i believe worth mentioning are . 1. tanzeem-e-islami(nonpolitical and islamic ,anyone can join) 2. brasstack(nonpolitical and islamic, usually educated class joins) 3. Tehreek-e-insaaf ( political and revolutionary but the target is to improve the system) 4. jamat-e-islami ( political and islamic , target is to improve the system). I Think , Everyone of us should work in our individual capacity to make the system as better as possible( like farrukh’s brother ). one way to do it is , to start doing your work as sincerely as possible . thanks Jamal.

November 19,2009 02:14:28
Farrukh your aim to invoke the nation is respectfull. Your brother was a truly patriotic and spritual person he was a person that pakistan need today. Pakistanio aub bhi waqt hai jag jao aur zulm ka muqabla kero.

November 19,2009 05:34:12
JazakAllah Brother for writing such a heart touching eye-opener !!

Syed Muhammad Ali
November 19,2009 07:49:13
Really, we are not blaming on our govt:, political parties that they are corrput people no, because we are coward. We the people made these ppl strong, really Farrukh sb ur brother did the right thing. ALLAH aur usskey pyarey RasooL key Farmaaan par chaltey huwey Shahadaat Paa Le … Shame on us, hum sirf naam k Muslims reh gaey hain. May ALLAH Gives us Courage, Strength, Untiy so that we can fight for our right aur ALLAH aur usskey pyare RasooL k farmaaan par challey ki Tufeeq Ata Farmaeey … Ameen …

Muhammad Sufian Javed
November 19,2009 11:47:29
Meray dost, is qaum ko "Nahee-anil-munkar" ka matlab samjhanay k liyee ab farishtay he aasman say utray gain 😦

Atif Sarwari
November 20,2009 05:54:50
Dear Farrukh Hassan, A very heart wrenching event. May God give you and your family the strength to bear this loss. It is very admirable of you and folks on this forum to discuss the tragedy of Abdul Ahad – by bringing it to light. This is the surest way of abating this societal ill. Here is a comment and a suggestion for those who enforce the law in Pakistan: While travelling by road from Turkey all the way to Pakistan, the one thing that I noticed was how easy-going things became as soon as I got to Pakistan. While Turkey and Iran looked like police-states, Pakistan was lax’ed, way too lax’ed. (which felt good because no one hassled you as much). But evidently this is an issue. As Pakistan recovers from addressing the extremism nuisance (in FATA/NWFP), the wish list would be to direct this pretty-well-skill security apparatus for internal law enforcement. Accountability for violating the law (especially for such heinous crimes) must be a given – and it should be fast – Atif

Hassan Abbas
November 22,2009 02:54:57
" So you misinterpret a book you believe in " (Dialogue by Leonardo Dicaprio in Body of Lies, 2008). We truly misinterpret the book, Quran. The guy in this article doing what kind of Jehaad which is mention by the Ayat in the end of the article. He was just a guy who thinks that he can change the world by himself ( I am choosing words very carefully so not to hurt any1’s feelings)

Sajid Hussain Rizvi
November 25,2009 12:38:44
Dear Farrukh.. Plz accept my deepest sympathies for you and your family. Ur loss can never be recovered. I pray to Almighty Lord that may your beloved brother rest in peace and may Allah do the justice with those bastards who killed him. Aameen



  1. Assalam o Alaikum,

    Farrukh bhai, Allah aap aur aap ki family ko sabr-e-jameel ata karay.

    may yaha aik baat kehna chahoun ga, yeh jo bhi replies thay in may jazbat ziada aur amli iqdamat kam thay, aisa nahi k mujhay logo k jazbat ki qadar nahi, par hota aksar youn hai k kuch dino bad jazbat sard parna shuru ho jatay hain.

    mana bauhat logo nay is baat ka irada kia k woh aainda dakuon ka muqabla karain gay, bauhat khoob! Par kia yeh zaroori hai k jab 2 musallah daku aap say mobile mangain to pehlay aap lar k shaheed hon phir mobile dain? Insaan ko buzdil nahi hona chahiay, moat k waqt pay bhi yaqeen hona chahiay par ‘Plaining’ aur ‘Preparation’ ka to Islam nay bhi dars dia hai. ‘Aur apnay ghoray har waqt tayar rakho!’ …. kehna sirf itna hai k hamari routine nay hamay ziada buzdil bana dia hai, may yaqeen say yeh baat keh sakta hoon k jitnay logo nay replies kiay hain, aksar kafi educated and respected job kartay hon gay… jis may jismani mushaqat kuch nahi hoti! Agar ham logo say 5 minute k liay bhagnay ka kaha jai to shaid itna stamina na ho ham may! To is halat may aap larain gay kaisay?
    Is message ka maqsad kisi private security club ko wajood daina nahi, kehna sirf itna hai k hamay kuch dihan is taraf bhi daina chahiay k Islam nay jo chezain mardon ko seekhnay ka kaha hai us pay b tawaja di jai. Judo, Karatay aur is tarah k fanoon taqriban har ilaqay may sikhai jatay hain in pay tawaja di jai, apni sehat ka khayal rakha jai, jismani aur deeni sehat dono ka! Apni aas paas ki aabadi may Islam kay phaigam ko aam kia jai aur logo ki zaroorato ka khayal rakha jai ta k kam az kam nai (new) daku to paida na hon! Maashray ko pur aman bananay ka tariqa sirf yeh nahi k har banda sirf tan-e-tanha larnay pay aamada ho jai!

    Comment by Umair — 22/12/2009 @ 9:36 AM

  2. Hi.

    Well done.

    Comment by Sohail Ansari — 24/12/2009 @ 9:45 AM

  3. Asalam O Alikum,

    Farukh bhai i m got your article trough Mirza Faizan baig.
    My dear the issued u mentioned and the circumstances u told were no doubt very very important and heart breaking for a new muslim.

    But we can not disuss this without proper guidance. You have to contact a jaiyad aalim for this purpose to verify and look for the different faces and causes of this problem.

    But i really appreciate your noble cause.May ALLAh give patience to and your family and shower his eternal blessings on your brother.

    Comment by Faizan Umer Paracha — 24/12/2009 @ 11:56 AM

  4. assalamoalikum sir hum tau hain he app kay sath

    Comment by wajahat hussain siddiqui — 24/12/2009 @ 6:00 PM

  5. asslamoalykum! mera dil kehta hai k inshaAllah is bachay ka khoon raigan nahi jai ga,, kash ye jazba tamam qoum mein jaag jai ,hum is waqt halat e jung mein hi hen ,lekin na jane kis waqt ka intezar kar rahe hen ,os qoum ki halat kaisay badal sakti hai jo khud ko behter karnay ki koshish tak na kare ,mera salam hai aisay walden ko jin ki oulad soi hui qoum ko apnay khoon k cheentay mar kar othanay se bhi guraiz na karay.aap ki e-mail canada mai akhbar mai publish hui thi , phir meri dost ne ko os ki dost ne ye link bheja ,hum sab aap k saath hain

    Comment by muslimah — 24/12/2009 @ 6:47 PM

  6. MashaALLAH Farrukh bhai may ALLAH accept Abdul Ahad’s Martyrdom… make you successfull in your efforts and accept them as well… ALLAH mujhay bhi aap ki tarah haq kay rastay pe chalnay aur jamay rehnay ki taufeeq ata farmaye… Ameen

    The canadian paper that one of the respondent mentioned is a monthly paper, meri sister jo canada main settled hain unhoon ne bhaija tha inn ko inhon ne publish kar diya. 🙂


    They’re said to have a good readership in Canadian based Pakistanis. For the last two months they haven’t uploaded the online copies. just hard copies. that’s why haq wazeh hey is not found in their archive.

    Comment by Faraz — 24/12/2009 @ 9:27 PM

  7. Hi All
    I’m sorry, due to some very important jobs. I was unable to upload last month issue on our website.
    It will be upload on Sunday, the 27th December, 2009

    Rahat Khan

    Comment by Rahat Khan ( Chief Editor) — 25/12/2009 @ 4:40 AM

  8. ham aap k sath hain aap k bhai ka khoon raigaan nahin jay ga

    Comment by TEHMINA — 26/12/2009 @ 3:26 PM

  9. Jahan ghup andhera ho is qadar k na hath ko hath sujhayi de…
    Wahan ik chiragh jalay koi takay rasta tu dikhai de…..
    Qabal is ke k lo meri maand ho,tum raastay ko pehchan lo…
    Tha pyaam kya ye bhi jaan lo ,gar meri sadaa sunai de….
    (may Allah (SWT) accept his sacrifice.(AMEEN)

    Comment by farrizahmed — 29/12/2009 @ 2:48 PM

  10. aoa !some one read ur e-mail 4us ,(ppl who can speak urdu but can’t read or write)its really really a thought provoking message ,could u plz write it again in english ,

    Comment by sobia nizami — 30/12/2009 @ 1:29 PM

  11. aoa all….jis ne qurbani di os ne tu jaganay ki koshish ki hi lekin agar ,tehreer aur oski ki tarteeb ko na saraha jai tu zyadti hogi .saaf nazar aaraha hai k aisay noujawano ka group hai jo haq per chalna chahtay hain ,parhay likhay aur namaz rozay aur shreeyat k paaband hain-yahan mai aik baat kahon gi k shahadat ka jazba hona (aam nojawano mai) buhut achi baat hai lekin os se pehlay tu jihad hai ,woh bhi nafs se,ye log jo k mukhtalif laton mai jakray hue hain is waqt,aur sab se badi baat k namaz burai se rokti hai lekin ye buri laten inko namaz se rokti hain,shahadat ki azeem misal ,jin azeem hastyon ne di on main 2 tu khas ul khas pegham de gai namaz ki ehmyat ka k Hazrat Omer (R A) ko aadhi namaz mai shadeed zakhmi kya gya tha ,qatil k peechay namaz toud kar koi na gya balkay jamaat mukamal ki gai,aur jab woh (RA)hosh mai aai tu intehai takleef k bawajood bhi sab se pehlay namaz parhi…..Hazrat husain (RA) ki gardan e mubarak halat e sajda mai kati ……….(ALLAH TALA hum sab ko fraiz k samajhnay aur onki durust aur barwaqt adaigi ki toufeeq de AMEEN)

    Comment by durreshahwar — 04/01/2010 @ 3:18 PM

  12. Janab Farrukh Hasan Sahab

    Apka mazmoon email k zariye mujh tak pohncha jis main aap nay apnay bhai k iman afroz khayalat ki tarjumani farmayi. Aik baat bohat wazeh hay k yaqinan aap k bhai ka maqsad bohat aala o arfa tha. Unhon nay akhir waqt may jo koshish ki, us ko sirf aik mobile fone snatching may mazihamt ka nam nahi diya ja sakta. Main aap say bilkul ittafaq karta hoon k ye aik jang thi haq or batil k darmyan. Deegar logon ya guard ka madad k liye agay na barhna, ye bhi aik sharmnak or afsosnak almiya say kam nahi. Ye or aisay tamam waqiat hamari maashrati bay-hisi ka mu bolta subut hen. Waqai hamara maashra is had tak sarr chuka hy, is had tak ikhlaqi o imani girawat ka shikar ho chuka hy k ab hum burayi ko burayi kehney ko bhi tayyar nahi.

    Being muslims, ham achi tarah jantay hen k dunya may hamaray aanay ka maqsad hi ye hy k hum kuch aisa kar jaen k hamara Rab hum say razi ho jaye or jannat ka parwana mil jaye. Lekin ye bhi aik nihayat ajeeb sachchayi hy k hum may say her koi jannat may to jana chahta hy, lekin fi zamana hum may say marna koi bhi nahi chahta, illa mashallah. Allah Taala dunya ki mohabbat hamaray dilon say nikal ker apni mulaqat ka shoq paida farma day…. Aameen.

    Samajh nahi aa raha k taaziyat ki jaey ya is shandar effort per mubarakbad pesh ki jaye. Allah Taala say dua hy k Abdul Ahad ki koshish ko qubul farmaye, unhen shahadat k rutba e aali per faaiz farmaye, un k darjat buland farmaye or apni raza ata farmaye…. Aameen. Yaqinan ye aik naqabil e talafi nuqsan hay ap k liye or ap k ghar walon k liye…. Allah Taala ap sub ko sabr ata farmaye. Aameen.

    Main ap k khayalat ki taaeed karta hoon, ap ki pukar per labbaik kehta hoon or ap ki dua per aameen kehta hoon.

    Allah Taala ap ko iman o sehat ki behtareen halaton may rakhay …. Aameen.

    Abu Shaheer

    Comment by Abu Shaheer — 17/01/2010 @ 5:04 PM

  13. Farrukh Bhaai… i’ve converted the letter to Roman Urdu… I hope it helps… since some reader asked about it… please forward it to them… thanx…
    Mera chhota bhai Pakistan se buhat muhabbat karta tha… especially khalq e Khuda ki muhabbat uss k dil main aisa ghar kiye huay thi k kisi ko takleef main dekh kar aankhain nam ho jateen. Kaee baar ALLAH k samnay sar ba sajood ho jata aur kehta Ya ALLAH! Khalq ki takleef ko mita dijiye aur agar aisa karma maqsood na ho to khalq ki takleef mujhay de dijiye…

    Bara bhai honay k natay deeni aur duniyawi maamlaat main mujhi se rehnumaee ka talib rehta. Zulm aur jabr se uss ko shadeed nafrat thi aur kisi pe honay walay zulm k khilaf khara hona apna farz samjhta tha… mujh se aksar poochta tha k bhai hamaray ird gird itna zlum phaila hua aur phailta ja raha hai hamain kia krna chaiye, mera jawaab yehi hota k ALLAH se madad mango aur apni zaat se mutalliq zulm aur jabr ka muqabla karo… muashray main ba zor e bazoo durustagi ki tehreek chalana aur nahi anil munkar ki ijazat hamain hukumat k hotay huay nahin hai magar ye zuroor hai k har Pakistani ko islam aur Pakistan ka qanoon apny khilaf honay walay zulm ka muqabla karnay ka haq deta hai…

    Aaye din anay wali khabron pe wo khoob khoon jalata tha… kehta tha “logo ko kia ho gaya hai, kitni asaani se apni halal ki kamayee doosron k hawalay kar detay hein. Awaam ki isi be hisi ne dakoowon ko sher kar diya hai… hum main se har shakhs jo daku ka hath nahin rok raha wo uss k aglay dakay main barabar ka shareek hai. Kyun k uss ki buz dili se daku ko mazeed hosla mila” wo kaha karta tha k bhai mein ne hadith main parha hai k “agar koi tumhari jan ya maal ya aabroo pe hamla karay to uss se laro”… ye Aap (saw) ka hukum hai. Aap (saw) ne farmaya jo iss tarah dakoo se lartay huay mar gaya wo shaheed hai. wo kehta tha k hum zindagi guzaar kis liye rahay hein? Taakay qayamat k din surkhroo ho sakain. To iss se achha chance kia ho ga k mein daaku se laroon aur ya to uss ko buraee se rok doon ya shaheed ho jaoon. Uss ki adat thi k koi bat kehnay se pehlay quran aur hadith ka mutalaa kar liya karta tha. Jab koi uss se ye kehta k hathiyar walay daku se nihatta larna jaiz nahin hai khudkushi hai to wo kaee riwayaat nikaal kar samnay rakh deta jis main sahaba karaam (ra) apnay se buhat ziada taqatwar dushman se baghair hathiyaron k bhi lar jaya kartay thay. Aksar log kehtay k bhai hum to sahabi nahin hein to wo soorah waqia ki wo ayat sunata k “aur wo agay nikal janay walay! Kia baat hai agay nikal janay waloon ki… wo muqarrab bandon main se hein. Behtareen jannaton main. Shuroo k logon main se ziada aur aakhir k logon main se chand” ye ayat suna kar kehta k tum log agar unn chand logo main shamil nahin hona chahtay jinhain aakhri daur main sahaba jaisa darja milay ga to tumhari marzi.

    Jab koi ye kehta k islam main ijazat hai k taqatwar dushman ko bas dil main bura samjha jaye to wo ye hadith sunata

    “ae musalmanon, ruswaee se bacho k jab tumhara rab tum se poochhay ga k Fulani buraee tum ne kyun nahin roki to banda kahay ga k mein batil se dar gaya tha. Aur ALAH ta’ala jawab dain ge k ye to mera haq tha k mujh se dara jata.”

    Wo ye kehta k apnay saath honay wali buraee ko mehez dil main bura samajhna imaan ka aakhri aur kamzor tareen darja haijo mujhay bilkul pasand nahin.

    Agar koi uss se tafseel se philosophical guftugu ka k iss mauzoo pe qayel karne ki koshich karta to wo kehta

    “ulema ka individual taur pe logon ko fatwa dena k jan bachanay k liye haram jaiz ho jata hai iss fatway ne aahista aahista poori qaum ko baighairat aur muntashir kar diya hai. Aur zariya ban raha hai huzoor ki uss hadith ki takmeel ka jis main Aap (saw) ne farmaya k aik zamana aisa aaye ga k kuffar musalmanon pe iss tarah toot parain ge jis tarah log dastarkhwan par. Sahaba (ra) ne daryaft kiya Ya rasooluLLAH (saw) kia uss waqt hum taadaad main kam hon ge? Farmaya nahin, laikin dilon main “Wuhun” ki beemari paida ho jaye gi, poochha Wuhun se kia murad hai, farmaya duniya ki muhabbat aur maut ka khauf. Iss fatway k baad taqdeer khuda aur maut par yaqeen khatam ho kar reh gaya hai. Aaj koi buraee ko iss liye nahin rokta k kahin goli na lag jaye, kahin mar na jaoon, jaisay k maut ka koi waqt muqarrar nahin balkay wo aap k amal k reaction par aati hai aur tadbeer se uss se bacha ja sakta hai. “

    “Aaj ulema ki khamoshi k ba’is awam ne har haraam ko moozi samajhtay huay uss k agay ghutnay taik diye hein. Rishwat, jhoot, chori, gawahi na dena, sarak pe paray taraptay logo ko na uthana, inn sab ka jawaz hamaray paas yehi hai k ye cheezain agar islam ki taleemat k mutabiq karain ge to shadeed takleef main mubtila ho jayein ge iss liye yahan haram raasta apnana jaiz hai.”

    Wo mujh se kehta khudara inn ulema ko letters likhiye k wo mimbar se iss baat ka ailan karain k burayee k khilaaf khara hona wajib hai. Hadith e Rasool (saw) aur Quran se sabit hai. Khudara ulema se kahain k wo mimbar se bolain k kisi soorat rishwat nahin deni chahiye chahay jaan hi chali jaye kyun k jaan janay ka aik waqt predetermined hai. Rishwat dene se wo tal nahin jaye ga aur rishwat na dene se wo jaldi nahin aa jaye ga.

    “Aaj inn ulema k na bolnay ki wajah se islami muashra khatam ho k reh gaya hai. Koi shaks doosray shakhs ko bhaai nahin samajhta. Doosron ki jaan bhi ja rahi ho to apni zara si takleef bachanay k liye uss ki jaan janay deta hai. Gawahi tak nahin deta. Ye sab quran k ain khilaaf hai. Khudara Khudara inn ulema k paas chalain unn se ye sab kahain…”

    Aur phir uss ne mere samnay pledge kiya k kisi soorat apnay saath burayee nahin honay doon ga. Gawahi doon ga chahay gawahi dene k liye jail jana paray. Sarak pe paray taraptay logon ko uthaoon ga chahay unn ko uthanay ka ilzaam mujhi pe lag jaye. Kisi soorat rishwat nahin doon ga aur dakoowon ka muqabla karoon ga. Wo kehta tha k mein ALLAH aur uss k Nabi (saw) k samnay shaminda nahin hona chahta. Wo kehta tha k pata nahin ye ulema ALLAH k Rasool (saw) ko kia jawab dain ge k jaisa muashrati nizam Aap (saw) ne banaya tha uss k fabric udhar rahay thay aur aap moozi se bachnay ki tadbeer karnay k fatway de rahay thay. Ijtimaiyat ki jagah infiradiyat ne le li thi phir bhi tum Jamaat e ulema awami satah pe apni infirdiyat ko qurban kar k aik jiddo jihad k liye mujtama hona gawara nahin kartay thay. Kehta tha k jab 14 August ko kitnay hi nau jawan one wheeling kartay huay mar gaye aur khuda janay unn ki aakhirat ka kia ho ga to mein bhi apni qaum ki ghairat ko jaganay k liye marna qubool karta hoon. Shayad meri qurbani mere awaam ko jaganay ka ba’is banay, nahin to mein ALLAH k haan to surkhroo ho hi jaoon ga.

    MBA ka final semester tha aur phir aik din aik daku ne uss ko roka, uss ka mobile manga, ye uss daku se lar gaya. Batanay walay batatay hein k 5 minute tak larayee chalti rahi aur log khray dekhtay rahay. Isi isna main daku k haath main pistol agaee. Uss ne jaldi main do goliyan mere bhaai k pait main mareen jis se wo gir para magar phir khara ho gaya.
    Daku ne kaanptay huay phir pistol k zor pe mobile manga to ye bola “himmat hai to le k dikha” daku palta aur pistol se uss k dil ka nishana le k trigger daba diya. Goli dil k aar paar ho gaee aur mera bhaai kamyab ho gaya.

    Wahan par kharay baighairat musalmanon ne uss waqt bhi uss ka saath nahin diya jab wo daku pe haawi aya hua tha aur daku ki bike giri huee thi aur dono gutham gutha thay…

    Sab se ziada takleef mujhay uss waqt huee jab mein ne pehli bar kisi se ye suna k pata nahin, parha likha honay k ba wajood aik mobile ki khatir uss ne apni jan kyun de di?
    Ye baat sun kar mere sabar k paimaanay labrez ho gaye aur wo ayat yaad agaee.

    “Momino! Unn logon jaisay na ho jana jo kufr kartay hein aur unn k (musalman) bhaai jab (khuda ki rah main) safar karain (aur mar jayein ) ya jihad ko niklain (aur maray jayein ) to unn ki nisbat kehtay hein k agar wo hamray paas rehtay to na martay aur na maray jatay. Inn baaton se maqsood ye hai k Khuda unn k dilon main afsos paida kar de aur zindagi aur maut to khuda hi deta hai aur khuda tumharay sab kamon ko dekh raha hai. (Aal e Imran 156)

    Dil chaha k in sab logon ki zabanain kheench loon jo mere bhaai ki ahl e watan ki ghairat pe qurbani ko chand hazar bachanay se mila rahay thay. Aur phir mein ne qalam uthanay ka faisla kiya. Taakay mein bata sakoon k wo mobile ki khatir nahin lara. Wo baighairat awam aur soye huay ulema ko jaganay k liye lara. Wo Rabb e zul jalal k samnay ye kehnay k liye lara k mere Rab! Meri qaum k awam aur ulema daku ko aap se ziada taqatwar samajhtay hein. Wo ye samajhtay hein aap na chahain tab bhi wo maut ya mazoori de sakta hai. Magar mere ALLAH, mein aap ko hi bara samajhta hoon. Mein ye janta hoon k aap ne mujh se mulaqat ka waqt likh diya hai. Ab meri niyyat par hai k mein daku se lartay huay shaheed ho jaoon ya sharafat se uss ko sab de doon aur wo jatay huay mujhay goli maar kar chala jaye aur mein ne aik zillat aamaiz maut maroon. Mere marnay k waqt ko kisi soorat badla nahin ja sakta. Han meri koshish o niyyat par mere jannat o dozakh ka faisla ho ga.

    Mere bhaai ne to apni jannat bana li. Ab ye sawal mere aur aap k samnay hai. Kia hum aisi hi baighairati ki neend sotay rahain ge? Kia hum ALLAH aur uss k Rasool (saw) ko jawab de dain ge?

    Nahin! Aaj mein iss tehreer k zareeyay Rabb e zul jalal se ye ehad karta hoon k mein bhi apnay saath koi zulm nahin honay doon ga. Kisi buraee ko apni zaat ka jawaz nahin doon ga. Kisi soorat rishwat nahin doon ga, gawahi doon ga, sarak pe paray accident mareezon ko Hospital le k jaoon ga. Aur dakoo se laroon ga chahay meri jaan hi chali jaye.

    Yaqeen manain agar hamaray mulk k 1 percent log bhi ye ehad ALLAH se kar lain to iss mulk main aik daka bhi na dalay. Aik afsar bhi rishwat na mangay. Aur burayee ka ye nizam jar se khatam ho jaye.

    Mein ye bhi ehad karta hoon k qanoon k dairay main rehtay huay, nonviolent movement k zareeay awam o ulema ko baidaar karoon ga. Har uss qanoon ko court main challenge karoon ga jo awam ko be hiss bana raha hai . har uss fatway ko ulema k samnay giriya o zaari kar k revoke karwaoon ga jiss se ijtimayee taur par hamari qaum be ghairat ho rahi hai.

    Agar koi falaah ki talash main hai to ye hai falaah ka rasta. Agar koi tabdeeli chahta hai to ye hai tabdeeli ki ibtida. Aaiye, aap bhi ALLAH ko Hazir o nazir jantay huay mere iss ehad ko duhraiye. Aur mere haq main dua kijiye k ALLAH mujhay istiqamat aur Pakistan o Islam ki nusrat farmaye…

    Comment by Faraz — 18/01/2010 @ 3:27 PM

  14. اسلام علیکم

    تبدیلی کا آغاز پہلے اپنی زات سے شروع ہوتا ہے اور تبدیلی کے ہر مر حلے میں صبر اور برداشتنہایت ضروری ہے_

    عمل سے زندگی بنتی ہے جنت بھی اور جہنم بھی۔۔۔

    Comment by ساعی — 13/01/2011 @ 5:14 PM

  15. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

    Comment by Baltimore locksmith — 16/01/2011 @ 7:03 PM

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